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There are server costs as well as development costs. I'm currently the only one working in Modellus and I'm doing it on my spare time, the more people donate the more time I'll be able to invest to make Modellus better.

Don't let the project die by not donating.


(note: if you are unsure whether your system is 32bit or 64bit, download the 32bit version, it will work on both systems.)

Modellus X 0.4 (0.4.05)

Windows 32bit - download

Windows 64bit - download


(note: you must install the latest Java 8 in order to be able to run Modellus on Linux)

(for this release you'll need Java 8 JRE - 

Modellus X 0.4 (0.4.05)

Linux - download

You can follow this link that has some instructions to install Java on Ubuntu:

 Mac OS

(note: for technical reasons that we are not responsable for, you'll need Mac OS X version 10.7.3 (Lion) and above)

Modellus X 0.4 (0.4.05)

Mac OS - download

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You are free to copy, distribute and transmit Modellus X for non-commercial purposes. Unless explicitly permitted by the authors you are not allowed to distribute, copy and transmit Modellus X for commercial purposes, so it is not permitted to charge any monetary value for its distribution or copy as well as Modellus X cannot be used to promote another commercial product.

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