If you like Modellus you can also contribute to it's development by:

  • Submitting a new translation for a language/country that doesn't have one already. You can view the instructions here. Some existing translations also need update:
    • Portuguese - Brazil
    • Spanish - Spain
    • Catalan - Spain
    • Chinese - Taiwan
  • Submitting bug reports if they are not already registered at http://code.google.com/p/modellus5/issues/list
  • Sharing models and Modellus content on the internet
  • Helping to code some feature

Besides the above there are also currently the following projects:

  • Create a model "migrator" that would migrate "Modellus 2.5" models to "Modellus X" models.

Please consider a donation.

There are server costs as well as development costs. I'm currently the only one working in Modellus and I'm doing it on my spare time, the more people donate the more time I'll be able to invest to make Modellus better.

Don't let the project die by not donating.

Additional information